John Georgiadis Films

1962-71 - Historic Films from Tours of the Hallé, LPO, CBSO & LSO
captured on 8mm cine film using a Bolex P1 Camera

As a Violinist or Orchestral Leader (Concertmaster)

1961, April. Hallé Orchestra's Tour of Switzerland 2 (6'42") RECENTLY UPDATED

1962, February to April. Violinist: London Philharmonic Orchestra World Tour. (50'01")

1963, February. Leader: German tour given of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. (12'14")

1963-64 Leader: City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra members' various activities (3'41")

1966-71 Leader: London Symphony Orchestra's various tours (40'51")

1988-2015 - Historic Films of John's Professional Years
captured on a Video 8 Camcorder

As Director/Violinist and Tutor

1988, May. Director: London Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra's visit to Cadiz, Spain (16'46")

1988, May. Director: London Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra performing at the St. Davids Festival, Wales.
Soloists: Peter Lloyd, flute, Anthony Camden, oboe & Douglas Cummings, cello (32'15")

1988, May. Director: Reheharsal and concert of the Keith Amos Concerto for Flute & Oboe
soloists Peter Lloyd, flute and Anthony Camden, oboe with the London Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra
at the St. Davids Festival, Wales (18.02)

1988, Director: "Off-stage" moments during the London Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra concert
in Santiago de Compostello and La Coruña (6'45")

1991, July. Tutor: Music Course in Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain, hosted and tutored by members
of the London Virtuosi and includes concert excerpts given by the students (11'49")

As 1st Violin in Gabrieli String Quartet and as Violinist in London String Trio

1988, July 19th. Rehearsal of Ravel's string quartet by the Gabrieli String Quartet
while in Melbourne on their Australian Tour (Pilar Fernandez on camera) (27'32")
Other Gabrieli members: Brendan O'Reilly, violin, Ian Jewel, viola, Keith Harvey, cello

1988 & 1989. A video journal of the tours to Australia and Scotland
made by the Gabrieli String Quartet (57'19")

1991, November. Tour of Mexico with the London String Trio and Elena Duran , flute
Other LST members: George Robertson, viola and Benjamin Kennard , cello (40'54")

1993, March. London String Trio, with Elena Duran flute, tour of Mexico (35'54")

As Conductor of Oxford Philomusica and the London New Year's Concerts

2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016.Footage taken during four different Grand Viennese Balls held in Oxford Town Hall.
The orchestra is the Oxford Philomusica (8'04")

2015, December 31st. Footage taken at the Barbican Centre, London at the final New Year Concert.
John began these concerts in 1977 and conducted them for 40 consecutive years (3'27")