where we are now

....just occasionally conducting and only fiddling for fun

....still making CDs for Naxos, usually in the Czech Republic

....giving talks around the country and abroad about my life as leader

....finishing off an autobiography and hoping to publish it and a novel

....to view some of the 150 plus films on YouTube enter "John Georgiadis Films"

....plenty of walking, golf, cycling and messing around with computers

....frequent visits to Sweden (Monica's homeland)

future plans

......of course! Trying to stay fit and well to make good use of what time is left to me.
Some more serious conducting, perhaps Bruckner with good orchestras in good venues
to appreciative audiences - that would be an excellent start! Here's hoping......

Below, by lake Kastoria in the northwest corner of Greece,
where the family, then named Balomenos, came from early in the 1900's


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