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25 years in the making and I finally published this book

Although an autobiography it concentrates mainly on my professional life.
I was leader (concertmaster) of the London Symphony Orchestra in two periods from 1965-79
The leader's seat, onl;y a few feet from the conductor, allows a unique perspective of the man with the baton.
Despite the many years that have sinced passed, I remember with great clarity the maestros who I worked with,
including: André Previn, Thomas Beecham, Malcolm Sargent, Colin Davis, Leonard Bernstein, Sergiu Celibidache
and many others, both famous and infamous who graced, or not, the orchestral podiums while waving their magic wands.

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and now my novel - MAT


It landed on his doorstep and was about to change the world forever.
"Why me?" David asked this question innumerable times as he struggled
with the incomprehensible task of unavoidably destroying all that he knew.
It was all too much for one person to handle, he needed a team....
Deep in the bowels of the Pentagon they were watching....
David has to stay one step ahead of governments, religions, aristocrats,
the rich and organised crime, as all want what he has,
the power to rob them of everything

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