at last a quartet!

In the late '80s, at last free from orchestral duties as a player and not yet fully involved in the world of conducting,
the opportunity of a lifetime was offered when I was invited to join the Gabrieli String Quartet.
[The other quartet members were: Brendan O'Reilly (2nd violin), Ian Jewel (viola) and Keith Harvey (cello).]



Recordings made with the Gabrieli on Chandos:

Dohnanyi Quartet and Piano Quintet
Sibelius Quartet and Piano Quintet
Mendelssohn Quartets Op 12 & Op 13
Walton First String Quartet (posthumous)

So from October 1987 to November 1990, and running concurrently with my conducting career, I took over the first violin seat of this internationally known quartet,
whose long association with Essex University resulted, in July 1990, in my receiving the Honorary Doctor's Degree (above left).