Always interested in the latest gadgetry, including recording equipment, led to the making of two records at home.

The first of these records, called "Gipsy Carnival", he produced and sold with the label "Kelsey Records", being named after the street where he lived, and were sold at the many recitals given around the UK under the title "Virtuoso and Gipsy Violin Music". It and the second record "Moto Perpetuo" were subsequently bought by CBS and released worldwide.

home recordings

Discography as Violinist:

Elgar "Music for Violin" & Bax, Berkeley Bridge Chamber Music

Virtuoso Violin Records "Hora Staccato" & "Moto Perpetuo"

London Virtuosi Volumes 1-4 Chamber Music

Moeran Violin Concerto with Vernon Handley & LSO


Some years later, when CBS enquired as to the studio used for the recording, they were horrified to learn that it was a front room in Beckenham, and asked that this information be kept quiet! So, shush, not a word!