leisure time

But the Daytona Beach trips were primarily about an enthusiastic orchestra enjoying itself both on and off the concert platform. A special bureau was set up to organise every type of leisure activity.

lso in daytona

Photo below, trying to keep an eye on the ball, as my doubles partner Basil Smart waits for his turn.

Photo above, taken after a deep sea fishing trip where they had a particularly lucky catch, is a real "rogues gallery"

Back row on right, from left to right: Stuart Knussen 1923-1990 (principal bass), local fishing guide, Barry Tuckwell (principal horn and LSO chairman).
Rear kneeling front row from left to right: ? (do you know?), Basil Smart (violin), me, Dennis Gaines (violin).
Front row (kneeling) from left to right: Paul Katz (viola), Paddy Hooley (viola), John Duffy (bass), Clarence Atkinson (viola), Christopher Green (cello), Terry Morton (violin), Bill Kraznik (viola), Frank Mathison (bass trombone).