boskovsky visits

Brought up in Laindon, Essex., my father had bought "Cranleigh", a house with a large garden and many outhouses and sheds, suitable for the family businesses, which included trading in rabbit skins and producing the Cranleigh Cleaning Cloth.

In 1952, following a meeting that my parents had with Willi Boskovsky (1909-1991) whilst on holiday in Austria, I had the awesome responsibility of entertaining the Vienna Philharmonic Concertmaster at the family home for a summer weekend.

It soon turned into an invaluable weekend of violin lessons, recitals and duets, as Willi (not expecting a musical weekend had left his violin in the Savoy) shunned my Januarius Gagliano in favour of my father's 1924 London made George Wulme Hudson.

Despite changing violins several times, passing through such instruments as a Giovanni Pressenda, Jacob Stainer, Lorenzo Guadagnini, Domenico Montagnana, Ferdinand Gagliano and finally a Nicolo Gagliano, I still have, and use, the Hudson.